No one expects to get their identity stolen or to have their computer high jacked, but if it happens…where might one’s personal information be found? The Dark Web; also referred to as the deep web. It is a site used among the darknet users and can be identified by the domain “.onion”.  As I try to educate myself, it’s hard to imagine the souls being sold there; literally. These darknet users are able to remain anonymous as well as their locations; this is due to the layered encryption system they have. Websites are unable to track their geolocation and IP of their users due to this high level of encryption. This is a dangerous place.

The darknet web is used for many illegal activities, such as trades, forums, sharing confidential files with one another, and media exchange for pedophiles and terrorists; it offers a variety of markets, including transactions for illegal drugs and other goods, such as weapons.  Also found there are hackers’ services …for a price. This brings me to the subject of having your social media site (Face Book) duplicated. Why you ask, I’ve been hacked and was informed about information being found on the darkweb; I was notified by a service I retained. Protection is imperative in today’s world. The other day when I was on Amazon I noticed a small red mark at the corner of the page. This site was cloned so well by someone phishing it was remarkable. Always make sure the address you use begins with or whatever you’re looking for. This cloned site was at the top of the google search engine so I automatically clicked on it; I won’t make that mistake again, making sure https:// is always there.

Simply put…this is a hidden market with an extremely dark side. Users have hidden agendas, and screams CRIME. This is far removed from the average person who surfs the web. I read on Digital Trends that there are many unofficial dangers for those that may want to check it out; I wouldn’t advise it. The hackers use their hacking tools to exploit you however they can, holding your computer or information for ransom. It’s dangerous for any average person to try and go there; in fact, it takes specialized software. For those of you that would like to be more knowledgeable on this subject, you can read additional info at . As for me, my work is done here…I have no more curiosity on this matter.


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