Through my life, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. It’s given me the opportunity to make many new friends; some older than I and some younger. My blessings exceed in the area of friendships, family and acquaintances; consequently, I’m a people lover. So, what does it mean when people refer to another as ‘old school?’ This terminology has been used among older generations for centuries, however…in the past couple of years I’ve heard these words being spoken often. In fact, I believe that being ‘old school’ brings much joy to all those who remember what life was like years ago.

Old School refers to something or someone that is old-fashioned or traditional, even nostalgic. Those words are usually spoken with a great deal of pride. It’s for those of us looking in the past decade (era) with much respect; remembering the simpler times.  There was an appreciation for hard work, which required skills and noted by management. Today those jobs are lost to a generation that uses short cuts and computers to improve numbers but with lower quality. ‘Old school’ is comparable to being ‘old fashioned.’  It’s like having certain styles that are not current or modern; old-fashioned is what the younger generation would call this, especially today.

Funny when many of us talk about cars though, we refer to the older ones as classics, but are considered ‘old school.’ Men were able to work on their own cars back in the day (1900’s and up) and they did it with pride; there’s nothing like an old classic car. Remember when the shifter was on the column? Old school for sure.

People use the terms old fashioned and old school for a variety of things; such as clothing, automobiles, music, movies and more. The older generation has a deep appreciation for them, knowing it stands true for the time period in reference; it’s with highest regards when referring to the past. As for me…I always considered my grandparents and parents as ‘old school’ and yet somehow looking back on my own life now, I’m ready to join them, “I too, am ‘old school’ and also feel proud.”  Nostalgia has a real way with aging folks and is similar in reference. We associate our feeling good with wanting to go back in a specific time period of our life. I believe that technology and social media has played a role in how people feel about their lives today; hence the ‘romanticizing the past.’ I have a real admiration for those before me that worked hard, while raising their families and keeping them close at heart; Individuals were more modest and less complicated, while American families remained closer. That’s what we love about the past…and that’s exactly what so many of us are longing for.


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