One of the most popular shows from the 1980’s was ‘The Golden Girls.’ It’s about four women living together in their retirement years; perhaps it’s one of the best shows of its time. It’s about companionship and the bonds they made with one another, keeping them together through thick and thin. It was a living arrangement that worked. Currently there are about a third of single retirees seeking roommates; most of which are women, but the numbers are steadily increasing. Seniors being financially strapped is one of the main reasons they seek out alternative options for housing; it’s becoming a crisis, especially among the women, as financial resources for housing are limited. However, in this new age of retirement, there are programs which offer housing options for both sides of the spectrum; those whom own larger homes, with the intentions of finding a roommate(s) and those seeking a home with affordable living arrangements.

There’s a database that allows one to create a detailed profile with the hopes of connecting with another, looking for that potential roommate; the ‘Golden Girls Network’. This community of singles range from the age of 50 through 70, seeking others with common ground and compatibility, to be able to co-share the cost of living expenses. While it’s not available in every state yet, the chances for future places like the Golden Girls are likely. One of the best sites I found is . It’s a resource center that provides lists of agencies (among other things) of the area one would like to settle in. They also offer a free ‘Consumers Guide to Home sharing’ for those getting started; the do’s and don’ts of living with someone new. It’s also important to know that they offer resources for applicable background checks as well as getting yourself pre-checked in order to make your connection with ease; making it an uncomplicated process.

Silver Nest is another website offering numerous services, such as a ‘legal concierge’ and unlimited matching and messaging with homeowners. There, you will find places for background checks, blogs, etc. Silver Nest does charge a monthly fee of $24.99, but in this day and age…it’s a piece of mind. The benefits of cohabitating are quite simple. It helps to keep the mind sharper by avoiding loneliness. It keeps living costs down while sharing monthly bills and it ensures the person that in the event of a medical crisis, someone is there to aid in getting the proper help. It keeps everyone pretty independent…which is vital for most. Finally, if something were to happen to you and you didn’t make it home, it’ll alarm the others, (similar to a safety net) knowing someone will call the authorities. We all see the silver alerts on phones, televisions and billboards along highways when someone goes missing. It’s sad, but it’s happening everywhere.

For seniors that would like to weigh their options before making a move, always check with several resources first and make a plan. For additional information you can go to or . Retirement years should be happy years, but for some finances, or lack of…play into that factor. There are those that had 401k, pensions, savings and a home that’s paid for, while others are not as fortunate. Make a difference in somebody’s life and lend a helping hand, because being a community is beneficial for all. Spread the LOVE.

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