With summer in full gear, it’s the perfect time for anyone to take a break from daily routines and find your sunshine. Taking a short walk early in the morning or at lunch time offers a few minutes of relaxation…and fresh air!

Breathing fresh air helps us to obtain lots of oxygen, as it helps with your immune system in fighting off illnesses and, or diseases, due to production of healthier white blood cells, according to recent studies. Strengthening your immune system can only provide more health benefits, like lowering your blood pressure while improving ones mood. If you’re a high-stress person who is always on-the-go, then taking a brisk walk (even if it’s short) can help in destressing as well as calming nerves. It aids in having a sharper mind with the ability to focus better. More oxygen in our bodies provides us with more energy, while improving those concentration skills.

Sunshine provides us with lots of vitamin D, which is needed in order to maintain healthier bones and generally helps with our feelings and happiness. I have suffered from low vitamin D for years, and for whatever reasons my body will not absorb vitamin D pills, but the sun always improves my levels. It’s vital to our health and plays an important role in how our bodies function; including sleep habits. Breathing fresh air can even trigger good memories; such as childhood memories. The benefits clearly outweigh any other natural remedies when it comes to overall health, not to mention there’s no cost. I also read that trees help remove pollutants from our air, so if you live in an urban area where there’s more pollution it can be beneficial having many trees around.

Nature is beautiful, even fascinating…so it’s like the saying goes, “take time to stop and smell the roses” because it is actually good for you. It nurtures our souls and feeds our bodies. Step outside today, inhale…take a deep breath, and pay attention to your chest as you release the air slowly; its calming effect is worth the time. Enjoy the outdoors and make the most of it!

Make your week count.