July 25, 1914: A very strong sentiment has developed the past week in opposition to the demand of Bunkerville for $5,000 from the general fund of the county for high school work for that district.

July 26, 1912: Pioneer Day was celebrated in the towns of Bunkerville and Mesquite. At 9:30 a.m. there was a parade and a squimish with the Indians. At 10:30 a.m. the Pioneers and Indians entered the meeting house and a very good program was rendered. In the afternoon there were races and a number of other sports for both young and old. At night all met at the dance hall and indulged in a lively dance.

July 26, 1912: Leroy Waite who had been working in Delta, UT returned home Monday

July 27, 1911: The following letter has been sent to the news from Mrs. A.E. Cox of Bunkerville, NV. “Dear Editor- Who are to be invited guests at the Dixie Home coming? Only those that helped to settle Dixie at first, or those later on? Mrs. J.C.L. Jones of Overton, NV went to Washington in 1875, was superintendent of the cotton factory at Washington, bishop of Washington ward was one of the Presidency of the St. George Stake for some time. Mrs. Rittie Stout, Julia Stout and Sarah Stout, Mrs. Henrietta Cox, Mrs. Martha Cox all of Colonia Dublan, Mexico were early settlers of St. George. Mrs. Ahee Jones of Bunkerville, NV went to Washington in 1875. Maybe these names have been sent to you before.” [As we understand it, all Dixieites are invited to the Homecoming, but it is specially desired that the earlier settler be not overlooked. – Editor]