A handful of Virgin Valley residents gathered Saturday evening at the Heritage Park, 100 Arrowhead Lane, to carry on an American tradition of retiring flags that were no longer displayable. IMG_20150912_185236923_HDR

Over a dozen flags from the Virgin Valley that had been flown at businesses, residences and at schools were gathered and given an honorable retirement through the guidance of David Leavitt.

Leavitt had assistance from  local bagpiper Dennis Hangey playing his best; local Boy Scouts from Troops 2640, 2341 and 2042; veteran Tony Hardway representing the Virgin Valley Honor Guard; Officer Craig Empey from the Mesquite Police Department; and firefighters Troy Robb, Ryan Thornton and Colton Wood. Together, they laid the flags to rest one by one in a fiery pit. Some of those in attendance also participated.

During his opening remarks, Leavitt became emotional at times, describing what significance of the American Flag. “As Americans we have this passion, we have this bravery… and it’s something we should be proud of when we see our flag,” he said.