On a recent trip I took, I couldn’t help notice people that were brazen enough to break the rules, no matter the repercussions if caught; they’d just do it again. As I watched, I wondered… ‘Why’ these same people insist on ignoring what they’re being told, while many of us tried to follow them. From the start of my journey (entering a cruise ship), people are put into specific holding areas, beginning with first-timers, to gold, platinum, diamond members and up. These areas are roped off and grouped accordingly, but no matter what…there’s always that ‘one’ person who insists on trying to move ahead of the lines, example being; a woman (gold member) was told by the officers in charge where to sit; even walking her and her spouse to that sitting area. As the officers continued their specific duties (keeping it organized and helping passengers), this woman watched and proceeded to get up so she could cross the lines and make her way to the most elite members in order to board first. She actually was caught the first time, but did it again when she felt able to. This is a woman in her 60’s and no one was going to tell her what to do. So many of us couldn’t believe what we were watching. Needless to say we spotted this same person doing the same type of things on board the ship, right down to the last day. Everyone is to wait, given a specific area and group number, but she decided to take the elevator down to the gangway and wasn’t going to be stopped; making the husband follow her, like a puppet the whole time. Frustrated, others began to follow, making it so cramped that if there was an emergency (such as a fire), those people would cause tremendous chaos, possibly leading to death for many. What happened to adults setting an example of order? Why won’t they follow the rules?

Most people like to consider their selves as law abiding citizens, myself included. But in reality… many of us have broken rules, but in a more innocuous way; think about it. Have you ever exaggerated your performance at work or called in sick when you weren’t, or maybe you went to an express checkout lane at the store, knowing you have too many items for express but did it anyway, possibly… you drive over the speed limit, when we all know what it really is. No matter how you look at it, clearly it is breaking the rules. Pushing boundaries in a social situational environment can actually influence bad behavior by others in the same room (space). It’s more of an unconscious behavior when done in the company of others, like speeding on the highways; everyone is going 70mph, so we feel the need to keep up…but don’t worry, you’ll see the ‘one’ person feel the need to blow by at 85mph. No matter where we are at those moments in life, you will always see rules posted, such as; Cell Phones Prohibited, Keep off Grass, No Dogs Allowed, No Parking-Tow Away Zone, Stop, 25MPH School Zone … and the list of signs and rules go on, but there will ‘always’ be that one person leading the pack when it comes to breaking all the rules. Admitting wrong doing comes as a one-time slip up for many of us… but is it? Or is it a question of morality? I believe that in the end, most of us like to think that our character (was) and is good, so I would say for most… it is. But there will always be one who paves the way, more than just a few times, who…for whatever reason, will act unethically while rationalizing their daily dishonesty. As for me, I will live my life being mindful of others and be the best that I can be.

Make your week count.