Movies and television are a source of entertainment, but when does it become too much? Does it affect our moods or change the way we think? They are made specifically to do just that … entertain us; take our mind off of our problems while alleviating those bad feelings we might have. But what if what you are watching is full of violence or crimes, what can these possibly do for someone? Can watching this change the way you think? I believe for some it can.

Studies have been done every year by Universities, doctors and groups, as to the behavioral effects films have on people that watch them. My concern is the growing trend of violent crimes, so I watched some television shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds, among others. Some of them were alright, but there were a few I couldn’t bear to watch when it came to murder scenes with victims. This got me thinking; “wouldn’t some of these heinous crimes give new ideas to psychopathic people out there?” So I did some research, and many studies actually showed that those who watch violent movies or shows frequently… are more likely to have aggressive behavior towards others. Children that watch violence are more likely to act out, causing real injuries… or worse. It’s concerning because the media market continues to raise the bar yearly when it comes to showing graphic violence in scenes, which desensitizes the human mind… the more they continue to watch, the more it becomes the ‘Norm’ after a while. Parents can control what their children watch, but as far as adults… let’s just hope there is a good balance of entertainment being viewed.

As for myself, I’ve always enjoyed viewing comedies and movies that bring heartfelt emotions, along with possible lessons learned. Action movies bring that adrenaline rush, such as the Fast and Furious series. Movies like that …inspire auto racing, hence the ‘Influence’ it brings to our world. Others that have lessons would be, ‘Pay it Forward’ which was based on real life events. I cry every time I see it. It’s about an individual (child) who wants to make a difference in the world, and though it’s an older movie, it did inspire others to begin random acts of kindness around the world.

My point… is maybe if we watched more movies with less violence, it could have an impact around this world, if the media would just give it a try. But sadly enough I don’t believe we will ever see the day. As technology keeps getting better, so will the graphic scenes in such (violent) movies continue to exist…? Don’t misunderstand me, as there is a big call for horror movies, but that’s why there are scary Halloween movies as well as others. There is a clear definitive difference in violent crime vs. true horror movies. Last week I began journeying through the old ‘Twilight Zone’ movies. I’ve had a few laughs, and I must admit… I enjoy the Sci-fi part of it, as well as some of the horror, like the wax museum scene, which depicts on 5 horrible murderers in the past century, and they come to life in the basement of their caretaker. I found it a bit frightening, but it certainly won’t sway me to have nightmares of any kind. Now something that is very graphic, as portrayed in thriller movies today… I would have nightmares. They are not for me. I have a problem going through haunted houses. They say that people that enjoy those types of movies are thrill-seekers; I am a thrill seeker, but in a different way. I enjoy roller-coasters and a variety of things, but cannot do real horror or violent movies. An example of an older violent movie that most people know … “Scarface,” in one of the earlier scenes, a man’s hands tied up in a hotel bathroom is killed by another with a chainsaw; I still cannot watch that scene, though I’ve seen the movie. The storyline of that movie was great, but the bloody scenes are a bit much.

To end this topic, I will leave you on a different note, with one of my favorite movies which are based on the real life of Walt Disney. Last year I saw ‘Saving Mr. Banks.’ I absolutely loved it. Tom Hanks portrayed Walt, and did a Fantastic job doing so. This… to me… is what the world needs more of! Walt was a business man with a vision and desire to make people happy. He spent a lifetime doing this. Can you imagine if we had more people in this world chasing that same dream? I can. He inspires me every day. The book “How to be Like Walt’ is also a good read, of course these are my opinions. Whatever movies you enjoy, let us all be more aware of what the younger generation views most commonly, we can try to help those from watching too much crime and violence. Sadly enough, our world is full of it every day. And last but not least, smile more often; it’s a healthy rippling effect.

Make your week count.