Last week I gave mention to the magazine ‘Shift’, which I found to be an interesting read; so I began doing a little research about people who believe they’ve had past lives. Some articles talked about the coincidences, which occur in our life…and possible reasons as to why some people have vivid dreams, often repetitive and hard to forget. Then there are the near death experiences, in which people claim they’ve seen the light or something similar, if not just a voice on the other side. This subject has been studied by scientists, University’s, psychologists and even Mediums…as to what some may have seen and, or had the pleasure of speaking with; visually or spiritually. People across the globe for years have studied these phenomenons; while many don’t believe in it…I admit that I do.

After reading an array of books, I found myself watching a documentary on Amazon called ‘Life to Afterlife: I died, now what.’  Like the magazine ‘Shift’, this documentary interviews people (some are mediums) about their personal beliefs, thoughts and real experiences; the manifestation of certain energy and what to expect when we die. Another thought provoking subject was about those that decide to end their own life before their time. People want to know what happens to their soul after life, regardless if one dies naturally or otherwise. I found it enlightening and also reassuring that once we leave our bodies, our souls remain our own, but on a different dimensional level. It’s the frontier of real consciousness.

There will always be believers and disbelievers when it comes to the afterlife or paranormal activities; example of afterlife being; 2009 story about a WW11 Fighter Pilot James Leininger. It begins with a 2 yr. old boy having nightmares about a plane on fire. If you’ve never read the story, I encourage you to do so with an open mind. I found the pictures of the pilot and boy astounding, with an uncanny resemblance. I’ve also had a few of my own experiences, being visited in my dreams by those that have passed, and I admit…that the bright light surrounding their bodies while speaking to me are very real indeed. In fact, it was before my cancer diagnoses in which I was visited by my uncle and grandmother, both standing at my bedside telling me I was going to be alright (at the time I had no idea why). While some may speculate as to the authenticity of my story, it doesn’t matter to me; I know what I’ve experienced…and have a history of paranormal happenings throughout different times of my life; it’s very real.

I strongly encourage you to see the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’ starring Robin Williams; longing for loved ones past, it shows us a glimpse of heaven and how one may transition over to the afterlife. Love never dies, but our bodies do.

Make your week count.