One of the most difficult emotions to overcome…is fear. Places, objects, events and certain situations can put a person’s anxiety into full gear; paralyzing ones’ emotions causing fear. Children often become afraid of the dark or believe there’s a monster under their bed, until they’re told to face their fear by repeatedly looking under it to ensure them nothing is there. As adults we help them to overcome their fears, yet we don’t always face our own.

Many times, we will avoid things (or situations) which make us feel anxious, but it’s necessary to address what it is that makes us feel fear; facing fears is exposure. One must confront the fear head on, in order to tackle it. Reactions to fear are based on an individual’s perception; how someone expresses themselves is unique to their persona.

Fear is very real and is different for everyone. One person may fear heights while another fears the dentist. Another example would be…an experience; Las Vegas shooting during the concert. Being grazed or struck by a bullet, might bring on a new feeling of fear, for which that person could mean…they’d never attend another outdoor venue again, while another reacts in a much different way; possibly fearing noises…such as loud sounds (backfire from an auto, fireworks or guns). These individuals have experienced a variety of emotions and will react to the same situation differently. The only way to overcome it… is to face it. So, for the individual who is now afraid to attend an outdoor concert, it would mean attending another venue outdoors, though not at the same place necessarily. Accepting your own fear is relative to you. Some people need reassurance from a loved one when facing their fear, while others may seek professional help, it’s completely normal to want to hold a hand so-to-speak. It’s important to realize that some of the things we fear aren’t genuinely real, like horror movies. One response might be snickering with facial expressions, while another holds their hands over their face, not willing to watch.

First, you must identify and confront your fear. Secondly…accept it and choose to deal with it. Then, if needed…find someone close to you (a trusted individual), that is positive and will encourage you to break free from your fear. Most fears aren’t real, but emotions (of fear) are… so tackle it with determination. Understanding emotions can make us stronger and builds confidence. Include people close to you for support, whether it’s talking, holding hands or hugging someone…having a lot of encouragement should be ongoing and an important factor. Fear doesn’t define the person you are but having overcome it will bring more faith and confidence in your life. It’s another path for self-discovery. Conquering fear is like taking one gigantic step, enabling you to further and transform your own world. Taking fear out…lets’ the sunshine in and helps us to keep moving forward, because currently it’s what we all need to do.

Make your week count.