Lisa2014_1Today’s social media like Facebook and Twitter offers its very own language #hashtagsubjectline. For those of you unfamiliar with this hashtag, it really is nothing but a pound sign, most commonly found on the telephone (cellphone for most these days). When they first started using the word hashtag, I was dumb founded; clueless in other words. “What was a hashtag?” I asked myself. So I looked it up on Wikipedia and so it was, a phrase or words preceded by a pound sign (#), used to identify a particular subject or topic. It’s used to mark a ‘key’ word in which was created by twitter, narrowing searches quicker and easier by its users. Also, hashtags are being used by news media, reality shows and much more, while gaining popularity on trending topics. Clicking on a hash tagged word in any message can show you all of the other possible tweets marked with that word.

Social Media has its very own language, that’s how one liners such as “viral, bestie, frenemy,”and a few others got started. When something online goes viral, you can be sure it gained instant popularity in a very short time; usually a video, an act such as someone singing or possibly doing something to gain recognition of the public. Once a video goes viral it usually has over 1 million hits (meaning viewers) that have watched, and continues its momentum. A ‘Bestie’ is just another word for best friend. However trivial these seem, they gained popularity through social media.

Social Media has been a power source for all kinds of things. It has made the “unknown” … undoubtedly known, some into celebrity status. Apparently everybody is looking for some kind of fame, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of talent to acquire it these days. But as for the ‘Hashtag’ and how it all came to fruition… well, you can read about its entire history at , and even that I found interesting, personally I couldn’t believe it. The impact that social media has is way beyond what anyone ever imagined 10 years ago. Life has changed.

Clearly there is a language all its own when it comes to Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and so many others, but don’t worry… if you do your homework you can usually find a place where you can learn the correct verbiage, along with the real meaning right online. In fact at the marketing institute you can even inquire about the Hashtag 101 course; yes… that’s right. What a business, maybe you can think of a new word that could be used in social media… hey; you never know what could happen. Somebody renamed the pound sign on our telephones, maybe you can find a different icon, and then give it a cute, catchy name.

If you live a simpler life, no worries, then none of this will mean a thing. Your pound sign can stay that way. But if you are feeling creative, take a spin on your key board and see what you come up with… you could be the next big thing in social media.

Make your week count.