To the editor:

Mesquite Vistas Community Association President Labels Homeowners, “mean spirited”.

Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Community Association continues to try to distract from the real issues in the “President’s Message” that was mailed to the Mesquite Vistas Homeowners with the Official August 2014 Newsletter.

Shepherd recalled a Desert Valley Times article where Cindi Delaney stated that “A small mean spirited minority of people seems to think it is okay to start rumors, make accusations and tell outright lies as long as they can remain anonymous and hide behind technology”. This is a true statement by Delaney, especially when it is applied the way that it was meant, which was to those starting unfounded rumors about her family. To apply this statement to the petition ​and to those calling for a recall election is ludicrous.​​ No rumors have been started and no lies have been told. The matters ​​in the petition are fully supported by documentation.​

Shepherd continues using ‘anonymous’ throughout this Newsletter and President’s Message. Those organizing and participating in this effort have been anything but anonymous. In fact the organizers of this effort attended the public roll out of the web site that was created to support the recall efforts. The local press was invited to the roll out event where Shepherd and two other Mesquite Vistas board members attended.

Many homeowners have approached the Mesquite Vistas Board of Directors at their meetings with the same documented and supported accusations without the anonymity and shield of technology. ​T​hose homeowners have been the victims of the vicious rumors, outright lies and accusations of which Shepherd himself claims to be a victim.  Those rumors, rumors of having a vendetta, being hateful, having a conflict of interest…none of it founded or helpful, and spread by some of the Mesquite Vistas Board of Directors and the Management Company.

Gordon Shepherd, in quoting Delaney, is right about small minorities that remain anonymous and start rumors. Additionally, he is right about there being two sides of the story. The other s​ide to anonymity is that it is not always bred from a hateful minority working behind the shield of technology. It is sometimes the result of not being able to communicate openly with your elected Board of Directors and contracted management company without being targeted and unfairly labeled as “troublemakers” and “pot stirrers” instead of simply homeowners who care about their homes ​and what happens to their Associations.

The information is out there. The proof is out there. The “minority” is not as minor as you have been led to believe. There are just a lot of homeowners that want to stay out of the path of the constant mud being slung by those elected to represent us.

Dick Wilson