People have embraced technology all over the world, but with it comes a multitude of challenges… for those like me it’s not easy, and for the computer geeks it’s a fast ride with endless fascination. When new computers or cell phones arrive, there are those that will always be first in line to upgrade, while some cringe with an overload of questions and fear that they will not be able to operate the programs, apps or whatever it is we may have to learn again. Technology is fast paced and exciting, but again… for those of us that like what we already have, we are forced into using something newer; example being Microsoft Windows 10. Soon computers everywhere will be operating with windows 10, as Microsoft will no longer support XP, 7 or 8, and while some of you don’t think that’s not a big deal, there are many like me who will require much time trying to figure out how to use it. Microsoft has a tech line to help you with the new windows operation, but if you need hands on…good luck finding a store near you, they are far and few in between. Their phone number is 1-877-696-7786.

Technology is in a world of its own, innovative and fast paced. While newer technology can be helpful to many, there comes a downside… chaos and fear. Hackers continue to break through and steal pertinent information along with people’s identities across the map. It’s a multi-billion dollar business, and now no one is safe. There are new viruses launched daily among internet users, and one cannot be too cautious while surfing or opening up emails. In fact, while many sites look legitimate…they are not. Celebrities are not immune to this either, as they have had their pictures (identity) stolen and used to endorse items on web sites across the globe. We all seem to be on the same path when it comes to being vulnerable online, even the government agencies. I read an article recently which talks about the ‘Future Internet.’ It discusses the evolution of technology and how it will require significant efforts beyond a single person or vision, as it will require understanding the current world as it exists and what it actually could be in the future. They talk about cloud computing, long and short term networks, expansion of data sources and the internet of things; these are the core technologies. Discussions of a hyper-tech era are first and foremost, while introducing miniaturized supercomputers that will blow your mind. It’s a lot to take in for the average person.

With so much technology today, one would like to think that they could figure out how to keep the bugs out of our computers and phones, or better yet protect our identities. Look what has been happening at our airports recently; computer outages which lead to delayed flights and other chaos. Phoenix Sky Harbor had a baggage-screening system go down (computers of course), leading to 3,000 bags being sprawled in a parking lot adjacent to the airport, missing their scheduled flights. Computers are vulnerable just like people are. The world will continue to grow and so will technology. I can remember when I received my first debit card; it was easier than writing checks, taking up less space and convenient, while bill-pay was introduced shortly after. This was the beginning of a new era in which we currently reside in. The upswing of techno gadgets are usually their compact size, which will hold an enormous amount of information, including storage; holding pictures, music, reports, records… it’s simply endless. The nightmare of it all comes when it is lost or stolen; then the trouble begins. For what it’s worth, learn what you can and protect yourself. Knowledge is power, and the more we learn, the more we can understand about the coming era of technology… we are in it for the long hall.

Make your week count.