United WE ARE Making Difference”

Undertaking events is never easy, whether it is being put on by one’s organization or someone else is putting it on for you. I have been doing events for 40+ years and can only say, ” Thank yous are never enough when so many volunteers come together and give their time so selflessly. The many individuals who have come forth; We are but one organization, have been in the hundreds. I am sure other organizations have experienced the same giving souls throughout this community. Everyone is busy at their own job, with family but still find time to give give give with heart and soul… 

October is typically filled with so many events taking place; these events require unity, many hours of planning, running around, and executing, and the many individuals who play a key role in making it a success.. Mesquite Cancer HELP Society wants to take to say, “THANK YOU” to all individuals, and organizations/groups who support us unconditionally and who believe in the services we provide Mesquite and the Virgin Valley. IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU THAT WE STAND STRONG AND ARE ABLE TO CONTINUE IN OUR GOAL “to serve cancer patients TODAY!” when help is most needed” 

The City of Mesquite, Fire Chief Jayson Andrus and staff- Fire and Rescue –Boot Drive“, Oasis Women’s Golf Association & Oasis Golf Club – Valley Rally Golf Tournament, Do-It-Best, United Way Drive“, Mesquite Policemen’s Officers’ Association, “Community Projects”. These entities put on fundraisers and or take on community projects to help the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society in its efforts to make sure we remain fully operational and our services are always made readily available. We are but one organization; they serve many more!! VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the individuals and businesses who donate, time and again!!! 

Director Nick Montoya and his staff-Mesquite Parks and Recreation, for “working so hard and preparing our outside cancer society area for the MURAL”, Councilwoman Annie Black for spearheading the implementation of the mural and its finality, Jolene Averett for drawing the mural on the wall, wow!. Raquel Rae for creating the mural drawing, To everyone we say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” Painting of the mural, names, will be announced with special thank you’s at our unveiling of the mural – hopefully at the end of November. 

Please join us on November 9 at 2pm as we continue with the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society Mural located at 150 No. Yucca. Come paint a cancer ribbon, we can also use a couple of super steady hands to help with the final outline after completion of the mural. We encourage cancer survivors to paint a ribbon in honor of survivorship or in memory of a loved one. JOIN US!