There are several items on the agenda for the June 23 Council meeting. Many are simple, dealing with reserving right-of-ways for the City and interlocal agreements.

One item that may be subject to a lengthy discussion is that of a presentation, discussion and consideration of the proposed renewal insurance policy from the Nevada Public Agency Pool (POOL) and approving it to be paid from the fiscal year 2015-16 funds. While the renewal amount is 7% less than last year’s premiums, several council members spoke of issues they have had with a few claims that POOL has refused to pay. Wayne Carlson, the Executive Director of POOL is reportedly going to be in attendance to discuss with the council.

Medical Marijuana is back on the agenda, as they consider the Introduction of Bill No. 493, which would affect the fees due by outside agencies and vendors as well as possibly reduce the fees for Mesquite’s sole provider, Deep Roots Medical. City Staff cited that the initial fee levels formed in August of 2014 were a little high compared to what the levels are now. With this being an introduction, the Council will likely set it for public hearing at the July 14 Regular Council Meeting.

The other final item on the agenda that may have a long discussion is the Consideration of approval of Bill No. 494 as Ordinance 494 to add a section stating that employees who work for the City must live within a fifteen mile (or fifteen minute) radius of Mesquite. Previous discussions of this matter raised concerns about the City’s current employees and what this new ordinance would do to them. It has been established that current collective bargaining agreements with residency clauses would not be affected by the passage of this ordinance.

The meeting begins promptly at 5 p.m. in City Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall at 10 E. Mesquite Boulevard.