The official shopping season is under way, with Christmas specials and black Friday sales; it’s enough to make you crazy. When shopping for the items seen in your local ads, most likely they can be found in the center of the aisles, sometimes in large bins or possibly on an end cap, but what about the real clearance items? Those locations are usually not so accessible or seen; they are in the rear of the stores or set deep into a corner. I call these… the hidden sale racks.

An interesting fact I found, is that the majority of shoppers are right handed, so this is the reason behind putting all their newest items, along with pricier items on the right side, so as you walk in it catches the roaming eyes of its shoppers. Even in stores such as Marshalls, Stein Mart, Burlington and other high end discount stores like Nordstrom Rack; it’s all about the sales, encouraging the buyer to make more purchases than normal. However, if you are a person who wants all of the best deals possible, then you must start at the back of the store.

It is in the rear of the store that you will find the best sales, and sometimes those racks are literally facing the back wall. Recently as I visited one of these stores, I sought out the clearance racks. I searched the store, pacing back and forth in aisles like a crazed person, but I couldn’t seem to find any; that was until I decided to walk closely along the back wall. It was then I realized some of the racks had sale signs which were different on each side. The side that faced the center of the store (keep in mind this is the rear of the store), had a regular advertised sale sign, but on the back side facing the wall, were clearance items; this was a first. Usually in a larger department store the entire rack is full of odd items from a variety of departments, but not this time. It made me crazy, as I had to continue my search along the wall into each department to find what I was looking for. I spent an hour doing this, but after looking at each and every item on the racks, I finally found my bargain. In fact, the same pants which were advertised for $19.99, was on the opposite side (clearance) in a different color for $7.99. For the price, I took the navy ones instead of the black; the savings is worth every dollar.

So as you continue shopping this holiday season, do take a walk towards the rear of the store, as you never know what great deal you just might find. In some cases, if you patronage the store frequently… it may help you to befriend a clerk. They are knowledgeable (most times), and will suggest coming back during certain times when they offer a higher discount on what you are looking to purchase. I have also done this, and had them hold the item for me, because let’s face it…another 25% on a pricier item can make all the difference. Also, one last tip; if you will be doing more shopping than one store and will be taking bags of purchased items out to your car, please take your receipt out of the bags and keep them with you. I was told this by a clerk, as the criminals that break into vehicles… go back into the store with your purchases (receipt in hand), do a return and take your money. Apparently it’s been happening quite frequently, and always check your surroundings. Stay safe and Happy Shopping!

Make your week count.