July 21, 1917: Military draft Completed Friday at Washington. List of County Clark Men Drawn in the first Two Thousand Numbers Which will be called, from which the first Army of 687,000 will be selected. They are in order of draw Dee Petty, Walter Hojnacki, Pedro Valasquz, D.A. Abbott(Mesquite)Harrison Russell, Charles C. Latimer Thomas I. Elliott, David Orel Beal, Nicholas Martinez ,Leo A McNamee, Ira Proud, Thomas H Myers, Woodruff Perkins, Milan E Black, Reuben Fowler, Harry Samuel Frehner, Lamond Thomas, Joseph Raymond Pollock, Calvin Willard Leavitt, Jose Ventura, Charlie Katanjian, Yosaku Watanabe, Frank Black, Cyril Wengert, Wallace Frehner, Jose Maria Acosta, Hilton Franklin Major, Geo. Janowicz.

July 23, 1915: The Bunkerville Beehive girls (group of 12 and 13 yr. old) came here the other day and gave the old folks of Mesquite a party. Refreshments were served and a very enjoyable              time had.

Hancock has moved to this place from Moapa, where he has spent the last two or three years.

Willis Guearo and two other mining men were here from Gold strike to look over some lead property. Quite a few of our young men are in Moapa picking cantaloupes.

July 24, 1882, Mesquite:  Men continue to repair canal from flood damage 12 men down with the chills leaving 9 available to continue the work

July 24, 1919: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Adams of Bunkerville, Nevada who have been here (Washington UT) for about a week, returned to their home last Saturday. Mrs. Adams has been suffering from blood poising in her foot and has been under treatment of Dr McGregor while here. She is greatly improved