Response to City Council removing Mesquite residency requirement, as reported in article by Barbara Ellestad, “Residency Requirement to be Removed,” Mesquite Local News – March 28, 2019

I’m not good at writing my thoughts and opinions, but I’m going to try.  What the City Council voted on about our first responders (Fire & Police officers) being able to move outside the Mesquite 15 mile limit is a stupid idea.  Living in St. George, Utah, or Las Vegas, why?  So their wives can be closer to shopping & entertainment?  We can get good qualified people to apply outside of the so called “poor gene pool” of Mesquite (shame on you to say that).  There are many police officers that would love to move to a wonderful small town, to raise there children here.  We just have to put ourselves out there.   Present our little town for the opportunity that is here.

The paychecks our First Responders (police & fire) earn from Mesquite (taxpayers) would then be spent outside of our city, in Utah or Las Vegas grocery stores, hardware stores, hair salons, etc.  What will happen to our business?  ALSO, how long will he have to wait for an OFFICER DOWN when he needs HELP?!  We are not immune to a possible school shooting, not things we want to think about.  What are the City Council thinking?  Please Excuse my spelling and format of this letter, I think I might be one of the poor gene pool.


Sabine Reid



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