My wife and I moved to this lovely little city in May, 2018, from Boise, ID.  Boise was a great city but after retiring we wanted to finally escape the cold and snow of the northern regions in favor of a more favorable climate.  We found it.  We love it here.  A close-knit retirement and entertainment community that is vibrant and the people are the friendliest ever.  We’ve become acclimated to the summer heat and have been learning much about local and state politics.  We’re registered to vote and are finally feeling at home here.

Upon first arriving here I was delighted that Mesquite actually had not one, but TWO local newspapers to keep us informed.  Over time it became clear that Mesquite Local News is by far the clear purveyor of actual “local news” and read it religiously every Thursday.  Thanks, MLN.

On July 4th we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display, “Rockets Over The Red Mesa”, put on by the Eureka Casino along with top-notch musical entertainment.  Fireworks displays are not cheap nor is musical entertainment but it was all…wait for it…FREE!  And this had to be an expensive display.  The Eureka has strong ties with the Mesquite community and its citizens and has been that way for years, donating and even doing the grunt work on many local causes all for our betterment  including the arts, culture and countless civic charitable endeavors.  It says a lot about the Eureka enterprise as a whole.

In closing, I encourage everyone to support The Eureka and their continuing community endeavors here in Mesquite.  Oh, and advertisers?  Please support the Mesquite Local News by placing your ad dollars here; you’ll be glad you did.

Randall Rocks