March 28, 1914:  Chas Yandell, engineer connected with the project of the Rio Virgin Irrigated Fruit Lands Co. in building a dam near Littlefield AZ was an arrival at the Overland Sunday.

March 28, 1916, Littlefield: Autos passing through this place used to cause excitement among the children but now they are getting a little more common. Sometimes as many as three pass here a day.Today we average 23,000 cars a day through the gorge (AZ dept of Transportation stats of June 2018.)

March 28, 1916: Most of the young people are going to Mesquite to see the circus Friday.

March 28, 1918:  Travelers over the Arrowhead trail have given much credit to Bishop Abbott of Mesquite Nev, and Jos H. Reber of Littlefield Ariz. for the good work accomplished by them and the men working with them on the in vicinity of the two places.

March 31, 1900: H.P. Iverson has gone to Washington with cotton and grain.

April 3, 1914: Tonight the families of Samuel Reber Sr and Jos H Reber are enjoying themselves at a chicken supper served by Misses Tena and Maud Reber. Dinner was served at six o’clock. After supper all went in the parlor where they were entertained with music and songs until a late hour. All had an enjoyable time.