June 12, 1984: Mel F. Thaanum named new manager of Mesquite. Population at the time was 1,200.

June 1987: Election results: Voter turn out was 87.7% of those eligible to vote.
For Mayor: Jimmie Hughes 208 votes, 59.8% of the vote.
Ken Jensen 99 votes 28.4%
Brent Walker 41 votes 11.8%
For Councilman: Craig Pulsipher 59 votes 53.2%
Ellis Cheney 52 votes 46.8%

June 1989: Groundbreaking for the new airport by Mayor Jimmie Hughes. Expected to be completed within the year.

June 17, 1994: Players International Inc. plans to build a 500-room, 30,000 square foot casino/hotel in Mesquite. Cost $60 million. (Now the Casablanca)

June 21, 1994: McDonald’s arrives in Mesquite.