Feb. 8, 1919: Milton Earl was here the fore part of the week visiting, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frehner . He has just come home from training camp in Alabama.

Feb. 8, 1919: Littlefield; we have no cases of flu as yet.

Feb.8, 1912: Almond and Apricot trees are in full bloom here in Littlefield.

Feb. 10, 1900: Littlefield; Angus cannon and Joseph Cunningham of St George have been looking for copper in the mountains east of here. “Eureka” did not shine on their faces as they started home.

Feb. 14, 1910: Littlefield; Fruit trees are in bloom, grain is coming up and lucerne is green. Looks like spring now.

February 14, 1910: The citizens of Littlefield and some of Mesquite NV have taken up the bottom or bench land, what is known as Garden green for dry land farming, there are about five hundred acres of choice land for that purpose. We expect to put in a large amount of grain.