A new book, “EVERNEW” by local pastor and writer Mark Weinrich has been recently published on Amazon Kindle.  EVERNEW is a fictional account sharing principles Weinrich learned during his cancer treatments and recovery. book photo4

“I believe the book can be an encouragement to anyone struggling with difficult circumstances,” Weinrich said. “Sometimes a change in perspective is all we need to jump-start a new beginning in our lives.”

The main character, Bryan Foster stumbles into the land of Evernew and sees wonders that help reorient his life.  The story is meant to bless anyone broken and battered by life’s challenges.

Weinrich is the pastor of Graceway Community Church and has had over 350 poems, articles, and short stories published in more than 100 different publications.  The United Methodist devotional The Upper Room will be publishing two of Mark’s articles in the November-December and January-February issues.

Weinrich’s wife, Lucy, is a fifth grade teacher at JL Bowler in Bunkerville.

For more information call Mark or Lucy Weinrich at 702-346-8667.