To the Editor:

I would like to recognize Sallie Clatterbuck, RN for her continued outstanding care of patients at Mesa View Regional Hospital. We recently received a very kind letter from the caregiver of a patient commending Sallie for her “sincere and caring attention.”
The letter went on say, “I especially want to thank and applaud Ms. Sallie Clatterbuck, RN. Her sincere, caring attention and assistance went far beyond anything we have ever experienced. She is truly a gem and asset for the hospital. The Health Care World would be greatly improved if she could be cloned! She truly was fantastic!”
Sallie is a prime example of the great nursing care provided in the Labor & Delivery Unit at Mesa View Regional Hospital. We at Mesquite Women’s Clinic appreciate and value Sallie, as well as each and every caregiver in the L&D Unit, as they provide all of our patients with excellent care.
Edward Ofori, DO
Mesquite Womens Clinic