Letter to the Editor-Thank you-Ann Rice

THANK YOU MESQUITE!!  – For the honor of being named Grand Marshall for the 2018 Mesquite Days Parade.  True success is seldom achieved by one person alone.  Whatever success I have achieved in life is due to contributions from many people – my fa … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Gibson & Wright

Dear Gentlemen and Ladies,   My husband and I are nearing the completion of our dream home in Scenic, Arizona. We have each worked nearly 50 years to retire in a desert community such as Scenic with great neighbors, recreation and, as the … [Read more...]

Legs for Lexi Fundraiser was a success

On Sunday April 29, 2018, Coyote Willows Golf Course held a fundraiser tournament, auction, and raffle for little four-year-old Lexi Winslow of Coyote Willows Community, Mesquite Nevada.  Lexi needs a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy for … [Read more...]


Bulldog Club Baseball would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous donations to support our team.  A huge shout out to Precision Aggregate, MMT, Legacy Construction and Development, High Desert Petroleum, Kitchen … [Read more...]


The new season for the Virgin Valley Junior Golf Association is right around the corner! Signups are located at the Casablanca Golf Club, Palms Golf Club or Mesquite recreation center. If you want to sign up online, visit www.mesquitenv.gov and … [Read more...]


Thank you Mesquite Local News! After my "letter to the Editor" submission on April 12, 2018 regarding "Two disappointing experiences I had with WCFA" in our attempt to adopt a dog which they posted.  I did get a response to my letter however, from a … [Read more...]

LTE Reed

The Traffic Light system that our great city approved to be installed has been a joke since day one. If you're on a side street wanting to get onto or go across that main street, you get the unwanted privilege of sitting there and waiting for the … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Marshall

I'd like to know why no one seemed to know that the Virgin Valley Cab will no longer be in service as of 4/27/18.  We heard a rumor and decided to call the cabbie on duty, who informed us that they were pulling out of Mesquite.  The bus lines run a l … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Wempe

I recently had an episode which I acted quickly that saved my life.  I’d spent the day last Thursday doing spring cleanup and preparing for the long hot summer.  I felt good about my accomplishments for the day.  I’m 62 years old, retired and enjoyi … [Read more...]


During the first week of April, Thomas Mitchell’s weekly commentary was titled “Customers should be able to shop for electricity.” The commentary was a general support of the Energy Choice initiative.  This initiative will appear as Question 3 on the … [Read more...]