Thank You Volunteers!

Our community appreciates you,

Your helpful, giving ways,

You showed your generous hearts

Shared creative displays.

Thanks for your work and kindness,

We will not soon forget;

You’re the very nicest folk

We’re proud to have ever met.


The Beaver Dam Parade Committee is shouting out to our volunteers for the outstanding job done on our big day, December 7, 2019. Not only the parade, but there were contests for building gingerbread houses and wreaths, and the bazaar.  It couldn’t have happened without the diligent efforts of many. The good counsel of Wayne, to navigate regulations, was valuable.

Leading the parade were our Lawnmower racers. Be sure to see them in action just behind the store every 2nd Saturday. Next, Terry and Cheryl furnished American Flags for a gang of ATV riders. A gathering of impressive classic and restored cars came next. Pastor Rod and his congregation got a Desert Rose Church float built and shared tables and chairs, Bill Evans started this tradition in 1995, and it keeps getting better. He helped with insurance requirements, and his team, headed up by Tia and Ronda, put a Beaver Dam Station float together. Bubba and his wife represented Santa in the bucket of the front-end loader.   Kathy and Mary took on handling bazaar vendors. Peggy and Jody put together contests for gingerbread houses and wreaths at the fire house. Proceeds go to a high school scholarship.  Joan, and the folk from the Donkey Rescue, entered their float and Doug wore the donkey suit.   Fire Chief, Jeff, and his assistant, Andre’ showed up with our emergency equipment. An entry was made by our generous officers at the Sherriff’s Department. Thanks, Karin and Randy for announcing the parade. Lots of candy was gathered by attendees. A good time was had by all. We’ve only named a few here. You know who you are who made this an eventful day. Sincere thanks.

If your acts of kindness seem small to you, please know the impact you’ve left in this grateful community is huge. Thanks for volunteering.  If you’d like to be involved in the 2020 parade, mark your calendars. We’ll get started mid-October. Please make a call to Kathy at 801 719-7549

2019 organizers, Dori & Murray Rothenburger