Jan. 7, 1877, Bunkerville:  Bunkerville was settled by a group of Mormon Pioneers.

Jan. 3, 1909, Bunkerville:  On Saturday, the Mesquite troup came over and played “Ten Nights in a Bar Room”, Bunkerville people enjoy theaters, so come again Mesquite.

Jan. 4, 1911, Littlefield, AZ:  Alfred Frehner is building a very neat two room house here.  It will be built of lumber.  There are now twenty families in close to Littlefield.

Jan. 7, 1916: A few men and teams left this morning for the southern end of the state where the work on the auto road will start. We expect to have a bridge put across the river between here and Bunkerville before long.

Jan. 7, 1922:  Jury Panel Draw to Serve for 1922.  Women Will Have Opportunity to Strike Terror to Hearts of the Lawbreakers.  Many women will be noted in reading the list of the 200 drawn.