Nationwide, there has been an ongoing attack on our elections and our democracy.  Recent legislation in at least 17 states restricting access to the vote in many states are only the beginning.  As we head into the 2022 elections, anti-democratic forces across the U.S. are trying to take control of elections so they can install the candidates of their choice, regardless of what voters want.

Their plan has been to barrage election officials with threats to pressure them to resign and undermine the integrity of our nonpartisan election process. If these authoritarians succeed, they will make it harder to vote, stop vote counts, or even refuse to certify the results of elections if they don’t agree with the outcome.

These activities are happening across the U.S..  Even our election system in Nevada, one of the best in the country, is currently under attack right now from these types of actions to restrict the vote and stop the smooth functioning of our elections.  And some of the candidates running in our state in 2022 are questioning the integrity of our elections, and are talking about ending mail-in voting, and other initiatives which will make voting more difficult in the state should they get elected.

Voters MUST be aware of who these politicians are, and we must get out and make our voices heard. Please plan to vote in 2022 for candidates who will support the integrity of our elections.

Ann Bley