A sincere thanks to Mayor Al Litman and members of the City Staff for visiting Sun City Mesquite on Thursday, January 23, to conduct a breakfast forum. Well over 100 Sun City residents were very interested in what the Mayor had to say; he and his team did not disappoint.

Mayor Al’s detailed and transparent communication about the City, the Nevada State/Clark County issues we face, perspective on Federal issues with the BLM and his aggressive fracking stance to protect our precious water was very impressive and fostered much discussion.  Our residents were actively engaged and could’ve spent additional time beyond the 90 minute session, so we look forward to more.

The City Staff in attendance provided detailed backup and credible context to the many insightful questions/issues posed by our residents.  Sun City exceeded 3,000 residents in 2019 with growth over the last 5 years averaging near 10% annually with no signs of slowing.   Open and transparent communication with the City on the many issues resulting from such growth is essential.  Sun City is a highly active Adult Community utilizing bike paths, walking trails, ATV trails and numerous other City resources.  The open dialogue with Mayor Al, the City Staff and our residents showed what a great team they have in support of our common interests & future challenges.

Mayor Al sincerely emphasized his “open door” policy & of all the City Staff.  I have experienced such openness and accommodation of multiple information and one-on-one meeting requests over my 8 years in Mesquite and have never been disappointed.  Very refreshing for a governmental entity and a testament to the City leadership.  I recently explored the updated City web site prior to our breakfast forum.  The layout is much simpler & navigation is highly intuitive for all your information needs.  My compliments to those driving technology utilized by our current & prospective citizens.  Our City is managing growth well & embracing it’s “Business Friendly” approach aggressively.

A final thanks to all the Sun City residents actively participating in this important event.  We look forward to continuously strengthening our working relationships through active & transparent communication.  Well done!

Dave Zeleniak

Sun City Resident