What’s Your Story? 

Mesquite, NV – We all have a story. Our story gets larger with each twist and turn on the path that is  the journey of life. Parts of our path may be happy, sad, exciting, and more. The longer our trip, the  bigger our story will likely be. 

On August 20, the Women’s History and Culture Center hosted their monthly event for women of Mesa Valley Estates.

Christabelle Ford brought the Hawaiaan theme to life with her terrific ukulele talent and delightful voice.

Sharing our story 

Guests from the Mesa Valley and folks from the community were asked, “What’s Your Story?” We were  treated to memories of love, loss, excitement, travel, careers, and military service. The stories were  brilliant gems that brought laughter, tears, hugs and lots of smiles. Thank you to everyone who shared!  You made our lives richer by sharing yours. 


Thank you to Ingrid, (Aida) Sue, Jean,  (Josephine) Jo,  Angela, Maggie, Liz,  Barbara, Christabelle, and Sandi for sharing.

It was agreed that owners of the stories would remain anonymous—highlights of their journeys are  listed here. 

  • Lots of love, births, and deaths were in all the stories. 
  • Careers included auditor of computerized systems, registered nurse, actress, director, producer, writer, insurance agent, English teacher, bartender, 21-dealer, waitress, entrepreneur, rancher, Marine, and U.S. Air Force.
  • One of the participants immigrated from Europe in 1939 due to World War I
  • Education and training included nursing, art and education degrees, radar operator, training on the U.S. Diving Team, and school in Switzerland.
  • Life passions included desert history, shopping, gardening, travel, and shopping.
  • Life was lived in many places, including the United Kingdom, Alaska, Australia, South America, Middle East, Philippines, and several continental U.S. locations.
  • A common thread in the stories shared by the Mesa Valley women was the many gifts they discovered within the assisted living community and the initial challenge of moving from their own homes.
  • The two most senior participants were 92 and 98 years old. 

The Women’s History and Culture Center shares information on women’s achievements and multicultural issues to improve the quality of life of women and men  in the Greater Mesquite area. Find out more by visiting whccmesquitenv.org.