By Abbey Snow

Live at the Library Concert Series


The Mesquite Library has entertainment for all to enjoy with the ‘Live at the Library Concert Series’ performing every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in front of the library. 

Norm Utley and Deborah Stephenson (known as  Rotarians) and Mesquite Library Manager, Judi Sargent, started up the Live at the Library Concert Series. 

“Live at the Library Concert Series is local talent,”Stephenson said. “We figured that there are a lot of small musical groups in the area and they needed a place to perform and an audience.  So, I put out the word and people started calling me. We are not auditioning anyone.If a group contacts us, we find a date for them. The list now has two ukulele bands, a woodwind quintet, a jazz band, a blues band, a recorder/cello trio, two single vocalists, a bluegrass band and a women’s trio. They play what they feel is ready for the world.”   

Stephenson said they are working on having a string quartet, brass quintet, and two choirs perform. She has also contacted the two music teachers at Virgin Valley High School to open it up to students wanting to play a solo. With the exception of the students, each group needs to have at least 30 minutes of material. Some even request to play an entire hour.  

“We are having 501C3s sell bottled and prepackaged refreshments,” Stephenson said.  “It is  not so much as to make a little cash, but more to get them up in front of the public and let them tell people who they are.” 

Live at the Library Concert Series is held in front of the Mesquite Library each Sunday at 3 pm. Future performances are:  

October 24- The Glory Girls will perform first followed by Hitt Man. Women’s History And Culture Center will be the 501C3.

October 31- No performances.

November 7- Mesquite Cafe Blues Band.

November 14- The Houston Family and Dry Heat will perform 

November 21- a bluegrass band.

November 28- No performances. 

December 5, 12, and 19- they are planning performances, weather permitting. 

After a short winter break, they are anticipating to start up again around March 2022, so they will be looking for more talent. 

“Please bring a lawn chair and a dollar or so to purchase a bottle of water or something to help the participating 501C3s,” Stephenson said. 

For those interested in participating please contact Deborah Stephenson at 330-461-0453, or   Norm Utley at 916-548-6733. 



Trio of Three performs in front of the Mesquite Library ( Photo credit: Norm Utley)


Quintessential  performs in front of the Mesquite Library ( Photo credit: Norm Utley)


Dry Heat performs in front of the Mesquite Library ( Photo credit: Norm Utley)