Mesquite Police Department Announces  Participation in Faith & Blue Event  

The Mesquite Police Department is pleased to announce it will begin  participating in the National Faith & Blue event. National Faith & Blue weekend is a  nationwide collaboration between law enforcement and faith institutions to help build  bridges to more engaged communities.  

This Friday morning, October 8th, officers with the Mesquite Police Department will have  brunch with local clergy leaders from all faiths and develop relationships of trust that will  extend throughout the community. The event will be held at the Mesquite United  Methodist Church with local congregation members providing the food and service.  

Chief MaQuade Chesley stated “law enforcement and religious leaders are often looked  to as pillars in the community. As we work together in this partnership, we will continue  to help Mesquite thrive and ensure the entire city always has a helping hand available to  them”.  

The mission of Faith & Blue is to facilitate safer, stronger, more just and unified  communities by directly enabling local partnerships among law enforcement  professionals, residents, businesses and community groups through the connections of  local faith-based organizations. The initiative aims to re-calibrate police-community  relations through solutions-focused activities that are organized jointly by faith-based or  other community groups and law enforcement agencies.

Please visit for more information on this program.