The City of Mesquite has expanded its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) under an escalation from Level 3 to Level 2 during the current COVID-19 crisis, also known as cornonavirus.

“That allows us to bring in extra staff in our EOC and work with other agencies and citywide operations on a more frequent basis,” City Manager Aaron Baker told the Mesquite Local News Wednesday morning, March 18.

“We are also moving to a four-hour update schedule for our website,” Baker said. “Citizens can go to the website and get the most accurate information we have available. We are time-stamping our updates so people are aware of the timeliness of the updates.”

Anyone can access the special web site that was established last weekend and is specific to the COVID-19 crisis at

Mesquite Mayor Al Litman will provide a daily video on the website that will keep citizens current on city operations and address residents’ questions and needs.

Beginning March 19 a local radio station in Bunkerville will come alive at 95.1 FM and will be an additional communication channel for local residents. Baker asked for patience as the radio station that’s long been off the air is reactivated.

Baker also said that seniors who may not be enrolled in the Meals on Wheels home delivery service can call the Mesquite Senior Center at (702) 346-5290 and sign up for the program.