Smith’s is helping to curb the spread of the Corona Virus in Mesquite by limiting the amount of people they let into the store at any one time.  Limiting certain items being purchased so everyone has the chance to get what they need is also another proactive move after seeing other stores being ‘wiped out’ of basic necessities such as toilet paper. Ten is the magic number so expect the lines at the grocery store to be similar to what you see in the photo It was a long wait but residents kept their tempers in check and everyone was able to get through the shopping experience relatively stress free. Photo by Jessica Callan

During trying times, one discovers the real humanity that thrives in their community. Mesquite is overflowing with love for neighbors, friends and fellow community members. The community has displayed just how strong it is by banding together to keep you up to date with the latest on ‘what’s going on’ and people helping people.

From social media to community organizations, there’s help for Mesquite residents, Arizona Strip residents and even others outside of our community; it’s what makes Mesquite strong. “Vegas strong” has nothing on our little community.

Here is a list of current resources available for Community members if they need anything.

Information resources Local:

Mesquite Local News:

City of Mesquite Nevada: and

Mesa View Regional Hospital: Will provide daily updates through the MLN website. Updates will be included in the Daily MLN email blast as well as under categories; COVID UPDATES, Corona Virus Updates and always under Top Stories so it is easily accessible three ways.

Salvation Army Mesquite: 780 Hafen Ln, Mesquite, NV · (702) 346-3247

Mesquite Chamber of Commerce:


Southern Nevada Health District:



As you can see there are many reliable local organizations ready to pitch in and help you find all the information you need easily.


For those of you who follow Social Media and need necessities, some well-known area residents and nonprofits have taken the lead and will help with ‘hooking you up’ with others than can be of assistance.

Kris Zurbas has founded a facebook group, Mesquite Nevada Corona Virus Help : Mesquite Nevada Corona Virus Help- There is help there for food, items and errands.

For those of you who know Carly Toutant and her facebook pages Hello Mesquite Nevada and What’s Happening Mesquite, Toutant has moved most of her activity to Zurbas’ page so everything is in one place for all of you.

Many places like Chicago Greek, Ace Hardware and Star Nursery are being pro-active and offering drive up services where they didn’t exist before and Mesquite Senior Center is offering pick up as well and having a lot of fun with it.

This is by no means a complete list of resources, there are many other out there, some even right next door. Don’t forget to check the “Next Door” Neighborhood websites too…there are those who care and are more than willing to help; all you need to do is reach out.