Jan. 18, 1909: Oyster and chicken suppers are all the rage.

Jan. 14, 1910: Teachers’ examinations were conducted by Judge Thomas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. There were four candidates for teachers’ certificates: Bert Mills of Logan; Miss Garbury of Crescent; Mrs. Leavitt of Mesquite and E. Thornbaugh of Overton. The papers have been forwarded to the Superintendent of Public Instruction who will award the coveted certificates.

Jan. 14, 1910: Teachers have been unable to get to Mesquite on account of the floods. School commenced again last Monday with Knewel and Vica Leavitt as teachers.

Jan. 12, 1912: Mr. Torsen was in town during the fore part of the week representing a company that expects to build a dam in the “Narrows” of the Virgin near Littlefield, AZ.

Jan. 16: 1912: Most of the men folk are busy building wings or breakers along the fields next to the river to protect the land from the floods that came down the river.