The Women’s History and Culture Center has cancelled many events so that people can try to assuage the spread of any virus activity (known or unknown), is the right thing to do. That being said, with things changing hourly, we will close the Women’s History and Culture Center until April 2, and long as necessary. Our activities are considered non-essential, and other than being available for storage/distribution or any kind of community help that’s needed, we’ll suspend operations.
We all agree that the right thing to do here is to be available, if able and healthy, to help those who need anything we can round up for them. If someone should need medications picked up, toilet paper, food (elderly and those with small children), we can communicate and get these things accomplished. I’ll post an announcement on Facebook for anyone in need to contact us, and we’ll try to accommodate those immediate needs. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open for anyone who’s facing a dire need, and we’ll try to meet it with whatever resources we have.
The Volunteer meeting on Friday will also be cancelled, and any events cancelled until further notice.
The Center will be closed, for now, until April 2, unless the situation deems longer is necessary. We’ll take it day by day.
For small groups meeting at the Center, you are welcome at your own risk. But, please, make sure you’re using safe precautions against the spread of any illnesses. We do not currently have any disinfectant wipes or any kind of sanitization methods at the Center. You’ll need to provide your own, unfortunately.
We ask that everyone remain calm, isolate as necessary, and let Jean or myself know if you know of anyone who has a need that they can’t meet. We’ll do our best networking to get it taken care of.
With Your Best Health and Happiness in our Hearts!!
Carol Sue Saldivar and Jean Watkins