Electric bikes are gaining momentum in the cycling world, All in Cycles, 1085 W. Pioneer Blvd. has many to choose from. Prices differ on the electric bikes depending on whether they have a rear or center drive motor (as pictured here). Differences in drives will cheerfully be explained by store owner Mike Gomes.. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

If you are one who enjoys fitness but doesn’t like going to the gym, All in Cycles located at 1085 W. Pioneer Blvd. might be just the place to visit.

They have a wide variety of bikes to choose from with a range of pricing to fit any budget. From kids’ bikes, electric bikes and bike accessories, All in Cycles has it all along with a very knowledgeable owner.

Mike Gomes is the owner of All in Cycles and he knows more about bikes than you’ll probably ever want or need to, and his enthusiasm is apparent the moment he begins talking; he handles both sales and service.

Mike likes bikes, likes to talk about bikes, likes to build bikes and likes to get the community involved in biking.

All in Cycles pays the subscription for Meetup.com, a social network for like minded people for a variety of activities. Bike outings are listed, and you can RSVP on the site to join any ride or organize your own.

Presently rides are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. Group organizers try to start off with teams that are planned for preferred distance and speeds. Rides typically last two to three hours with breaks as needed.

Cyclists meet at All in Cycles at the appointed times; coffee and water is provided. Rides begin at a quarter past the hour. The cyclists ride on pre-planned routes and safety is always discussed before the rides begin.

The organizers ask that you bring a positive attitude, enough water for about three hours of exercise. You may also bring fuel, spare tubes or tools that might be needed, and helmets are always mandatory.

With all the traffic that has come into town, the pollution that comes with it and the high gas prices, Gomes says it’s just more practical and sometimes less restrictive to get around on two wheels than it is to get around on four and it’s certainly a lot cheaper. He says that electric bikes are gaining momentum in the cycling world and he’s got more than a few of those to choose from, even trikes. They are great commuter bikes but can be enjoyed just like any other bike. Prices also range on the electric bikes depending on whether you want a rear or center drive motor. Gomes says the center drive electric bikes are better for a variety of reasons some of which are better performance (drive) on hills and the center drive makes it much easier to change the rear tires. Rear drive motors are great for getting around town, but they don’t do very well on hills according to Gomes and changing the rear tire might require an expert. The distance that can be traveled on an electric bike varies greatly due to temperatures, hills, head/tail winds, battery amp/hour and rider weight. Batteries can be swapped out and extras carried for those wanting longer outings, they’re very portable and will fit easily into a backpack or an accessory pack on the bike, Gomes can easily explain the differences in batteries which aren’t specific to cycle brands.

This rough terrain bike, available at All in Cycles, 1085 W. Pioneer Blvd., is just what any kid would love to have to tool around the desert. The wide tires make virtually all terrain possible to travel with ease; wide tires make is easy to retain traction on solid or sandy ground.
Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Gomes can talk about a long list of benefits to bicycling and he’d be happy to, just stop in with any questions and he’ll be happy to answer them all or you can visit All in Cycles’ Facebook page for loads of current information.

If you’ve considered taking up bicycling and aren’t sure of what your needs are, try All in Cycles before you go the discount department store route. Not all tires sold are made to handle desert or trail riding and Goat Heads are a special problem for bike tires. Gomes had one in his shop that was just loaded with them and of course, he was in the process of fixing the flat tire that came along with them.

Gomes will fit you with the bike that fits your level and needs along with any safety, tires, protective or transport gear you’ll need to get started biking on whatever terrain you’d like.  There is a tremendous difference in seats, tires, bike weight and a plethora of other things that will keep an enthusiastic cyclist on the road but if you invest in something that isn’t a good fit, it might just be a waste of your hard earned money; nobody wants that. You won’t find many more knowledgeable that Gomes about everything bike related; All in Cycles is a great place to begin if you’re serious about cycling.