To The Editor:MLN-LTEoct30-14

Adopt A Rescue Pet is one of the largest dog rescue in Southern Nevada we are all volunteer, non-profit and of course no-kill. Our group receives no state or federal funds and relies only on fundraisers and donations. We do adoptions events every weekend at 3 PETSMARTS, most of the dogs have been rescued from kill shelters, strays or unwanted by their owners. Without Adopt A Rescue Pet they would have entered into kill shelters, been left wandering the streets; or worse still be dead by accident, starvation, or euthanasia. It is unfortunate that tax dollars are used to euthanize animals in shelters that could be better spent supporting no kill organizations.

Danie’l Survis is our webmaster and takes care of ALL our IT needs. We could never afford to pay for this service. Danie’l has a full time job at Mesquite Gaming in their IT department, two young children and just celebrated her 12-year anniversary of marriage to her husband Chad. She also assists us with all social media networking to help raise awareness of our group. She does hours and hours of research to help us find programs that would donate and assist us in saving even more dogs.  She also finds time to travel to Las Vegas to help with many of our fundraising events. She makes herself available 24/7 to do ANYTHING to help our cause. We have never had a more caring generous volunteer then Danie’l.

Thank you,

Marleen Szalay
Las Vegas