Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 255 calls this week:

Abandoned vehicle 1

Abnormal behavior 1

Alarm 14

Animal complaint 1

Child locked in vehicle 1

Citizen assists 2

Civil dispute 1

Civil matter 1

Death investigation 1

Domestic trouble 2

Domestic violence w/gun 1


Fingerprints 26

Follow up investigation 4

Found Person 1

Found property 3

Fraud 1

Hit & Run 2

Juvenile problem 1

K9 search 6

Lost property 4

Minor Gambling 3

Miscellaneous CAD call record 19

Noise disturbance 3

Non-LEO incident 1

Nuisance or minor disturbance 1

Parking problem 2

Person on foot 14

Phone harassment 1

Property damage, non-vandalism 5

Reckless driver 5

Records Dissemination 18

Recovered stolen vehicle 1

Sex offender verification 2

Special event detail 2

Stolen Vehicle 1

Subpoena 1

Suspicious person 20

Suspicious vehicle 13

Theft   5

Theft from vehicle 2

TPO/restraining order 1

Traffic accident w/o injuries 4

Traffic problem 3

Traffic stop 17

Transport 1

Trespassing 6

Unknown problem 12

Verbal disturbance 2

VIN number inspection 3

Wanted Person 3

Welfare check 7

Feb. 23:

Special Event Detail: Officers conducted an off-highway vehicle patrol in Mesquite and surrounding


Theft: Officer responded and took a report of a theft. One female was located and issue

Miscellaneous CAD Call Record: I made contact with a citizen who stated she received a counterfeit $5 bill from a local department store. After further inspection of the bill it did not appear to be a counterfeit. I contacted the store and asked if they could run it through their counterfeit machine to check the authenticity. The store was able to check with their machine and it verified the $5 bill to be real, the money was given back to the citizen. Nothing further. J Rich 6198

Transport: Officers transported one male to CCDC without incident.

Theft: Officers took a report for an adult male who had his backpack stolen from a local sports complex. The owner of the bag stated his firearm was inside the bag.

Feb. 24:

Feb. 25:

Fraud: Officer responded to a report of a fraud call. The reporting person reported money was taken out of their account as a result of a computer online scam. Unknown individuals were able to obtain the funds through hacking the system at a local bank

Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officer took a report of damaged property.

Fraud: Officers responded to the Mesquite Police Department and took a report of a

petit larceny. This investigation is still ongoing.

Hit & Run: Officers responded to a grocery store and took a report of a hit and run. This

investigation is still ongoing.

Stolen Vehicle: Officer took a report of stolen vehicle from a N. Sandhill Blvd. business. The incident was recorded on surveillance footage and the investigation is ongoing.

Feb. 26:

Feb. 27:

Traffic Stop: Officers arrested an adult female for driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI: Officers stopped a vehicle for traffic offenses. After an investigation one adult male was arrested for driving under the influence and other related offenses.

Civil Matter: Officer Completed a hit and run report.

Hit & Run: Officer completed a hit and run report.

Domestic Violence IP W/ Gun: Officers responded to a San Lucas Way address on reports of a domestic incident. One female was taken into custody without incident.

Traffic Stop: Officer conducted a traffic stop. One male was taken into custody.

Feb. 29:

Wanted Person: Officers arrested a male at a casino on an active bench warrant.

Wanted Person: Officers conducted a welfare check and located one male with an outstanding

warrant. One male was arrested and transported to the Mesquite Detention Center.

Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officer completed a property damage report.

Minor Gambling: Officer responded to a casino on a report of a minor gambling. One minor was issued a citation for minor gambling.