Bubba Petrick has always been the greatest putter in the MMGA but for the last three years it was nowhere to be found until Tuesday, Feb. 28 that is. It all started to happen on the par three fifth hole with a 10 foot birdie. Then back to back birdies-a 25 footer on seven and a 18 foot side hiller on eight for a one under par 34. Then two 12 footers on 10 and 11 had him three under.

You know you are hot when on the difficult par four 13, from the fringe he makes a 45 foot, three foot breaker for his fifth birdie to stay three under. After a bogey on the par five 16 he had another 30 footer for his 7th birdie. He may have been thinking too much as he hit the ground and the putt went 6 feet. As the world turned for Bubba’s day he sank the downhill right to left putt for his par three.

An unfortunate eight on the last hole kept him from greatness but his two over par 74 was a five-stroke win for medalist over Jeff Hoyt and Dick Swayne at 79. Swayne’s 79 and net 67 won low net over Lyle Warner (91) and net 68. Ben Bishop (86), Dave Miller (86) and Dave Haney (91) were all tied for third at 69. Bishop was the tie breaker as he went 2x, par. Miller shot 2x, bogey for 4th and Haney had to settle for 5th.

A 4-way tie of net 70 was broken by Ed Hoepfner (84) because he shot bogey, birdie. Hoyt shot bogey, par for 7th and Ray Halicki (92) got 8th with three bogies knocking Jim Nacarrato (88) out of contention. Oddity of the day was Dick Swayne shooting 13 straight pars.




It took seven handicap holes to break the tie for medalist on Thursday, March 2 at the Palms in MMGA play.

When Kim Tomsic tripled on the par four sixth it gave Tim Bergstom low gross at 84. Tomsic doesn’t mind because his 84 was a net 71 for first place low net. Dave Haney (92) and net 72 won second with his par and Lyle Warner (93) made bogey for 3rd. Russ Bonnacci (89) and net 74 got 4th while Gene Scavetta (86) parred the first handicap hole for 5th and Rob Schultz (92) could have had 5th but his double bogey dropped him to 6th. Greg Sullivan (92) filled 7th low net with his 76.