Murphy enjoys the company of her rescue cat Koko. She is a huge advocate for rescue animals of all breeds and encourages everyone to adopt a rescue animal rather than buying from a mass breeder or pet store. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Ann Murphy, Ms. Senior Mesquite 2019 will retain her crown for 2020 and is asking the community to help support her in her endeavor to win Ms. Senior America 2020.

Be on the lookout for several fundraising events, sponsored by Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant, that will ultimately help Murphy with her travel and hotel accommodations to Atlantic City, home of the Ms. Senior America Pageant, in Oct.

While preparing for the Oct. competition Murphy will be otherwise busy teaching her fitness classes at the Mesquite Veterans Center and now Mesa Valley Estates. She is also a member of the lifelong dance program where she enjoys clogging, tap and jazz but you’ll often see her rocking out to some Elvis tunes as well.

At home Murphy is relaxed and enjoys spending time outside carefully tending plants on the patio or back yard and inside tending to Koko, her rescue cat. Murphy has a welcoming and inviting home, but she lives in the desert for a reason; it’s warmer than the farm in rural Wisconsin where she grew up. Being a desert rat suits Murphy and she enjoys hiking in the desert hills; especially with rescue dogs.

Horses, dogs, cats, if they’re rescue animals, have been a part of Murphy’s life since she can remember. She can’t imagine buying from a mass breeder when there are so many animals in need of love and a forever human, she strongly encourages others to adopt, rescue or foster if they are able.

Murphy’s goal in vying for the Ms. Senior America Title is to put Mesquite on the map and to promote its active senior lifestyle, healthy living and beautiful, nearly year-round, weather.

Ms. Senior Mesquite Ann Murphy loves the outdoors and can often be found tending to her plants in her back yard at home. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Murphy is the perfect person to promote Mesquite having been a chosen resident twice, the first time from 2000 to 2005 and then permanently in 2016. She has traveled extensively, lived and worked in seven states due to her late husband’s job transfers but prefers living in mesquite, it suits her love of healthy living. Murphy loves living life to its fullest every day, making new friends wherever she goes and inspiring those she meets. She sees no retirement in her near future; especially now that she’s going for the national title.

You can help Murphy in her goal to take Ms. Senior Mesquite to the national stage in many ways.

The first of Ms. Senior Mesquite’s Fundraisers is being held this Saturday from 2-4 p.m. at the Mesquite Elks Club but the ‘Bingo Bash’ is already sold out. If interested, you can check for last minute cancellations, still donate to the cause or get information on future fundraising events by contacting 801-721-7361 or 702-994-0041