Tom Fulton shows Alta Faler her new ride.

What do you give your mother for her birthday after decades of presents?  That was the dilemma facing Mesquite resident Shauna Faler, as her mothers’ birthday approached this month.  “After 92 years it was hard to come up with something new, so we decided to come up with something old,” Faler said.

Faler remembered something her mother, Alta, had said some years ago while driving with her daughter, “I wonder if that car going by is as old as me?”

That sparked the idea, but the problem was how do you find a car built in 1928?

Tom and Alta drive off to tour Mesquite, Alta is waving.

So the determined daughter started asking friends if they knew anyone in Mesquite who had an old car.  Her search found its way to members of the Mesquite Over the Hill Gang Car Club. Members Tom and Jayne Fulton stepped up with the perfect match:  a 1928 Ford Model A Shay.

Arrangements were made and the day before her birthday Tom surprised Alta at a Mesquite park with his shiny “old” car. Alta could hardly believe her eyes when Tom pulled up.

“Her face made the whole thing too much fun for me,” Fulton said.

After introductions, then the real fun began.  As they pulled out daughter Shauna yelled “Do the royal wave mom.”

Tom and Alta drove all over town with Alta waving all the way.  It’s still not clear who had the most fun, the car driver or the passenger.  But, after 92 years, everyone agreed it was a day to remember.