Has anyone noticed the diversity that has been creeping into our country? In the 1970s about 5% of our population were born outside our country. Today that number is about 15%. This has changed things dramatically as anyone who has been to the big coastal cities can attest to.

Although this has never been on any ballot somehow this has become the direction the country is headed. Who decided we should become a diverse society? If you ask this question you do so at your own peril because you must be a raciest or some other terrible person.  Questioning all these new people in our country is unacceptable.

Some might say diversity is good for our country, yet some might say something else. For Democrats it may mean more future voters and for Republicans it may mean cheap labor. But what about America? Does diversity really bring more strength? Do people having less in common, help our families, our community or our businesses?

New immigrants who tend to stick together, do they add strength to anything or do they bring separation when they do not speak the language or have anything in common with their neighbors. When the numbers are small, they tend to be assimilated but as the number rises, some develop their own community separate from the community they now inhabit. That phenomenon can be seen in many parts of the country. In some of the places police do not even go.

Our old society provided the best living standard and opportunity for new commers yet some want to change it to diverse culture. That might have some value if it has worked anywhere but it seems hard to find where it has worked.

Diversity sounds good but the results vary with the amount of people and the skills they bring. The 11 or 12 million illegals from south of the border bring almost no skills and many live off public assistance. The regular people never voted for this and did not want change, but our ruling class brought it anyway. Social justice is what some say but most middle classes say where did the jobs go and what the hell is Social Justice, you get what you earn.

Our new President is trying to reverse this direction but meeting heavy resistance from the ruling class but not from the heartland people. The people who were in charge see themselves as smarter than the rest and really do not care about the general public. A perfect example of this is Nance Pelosi, whose home is walled off from San Francisco. Even her office is off limits to the people whose tents line the streets.

The ruling class never really have to touch the people they represent because they know what is best for them anyway. It easy to see that the Democratic party supports this idea of more diversity and not a one people model. Societies that survive, have unity not diversity, the people come together not split into self-serving isolated groups. Yes, people can have different opinions, but still can work together. Win or lose Americans used to support the President but now many support diverse groups. The question then is, can America survive diversity?