By Richard Brown


Each time I travel down the cosmetics and make-up aisles of a store, I hear comments from salespersons.  “If you use this you will look twenty years younger in thirty days”, without explaining how and why that will actually happen.

In television and print ads, I see “Supermodels” tell us how amazing we can look using their products.  If you can be a “Supermodel” or look twenty years younger in thirty days, you are just the person I would like to have a long conversation.

I guess with Botox, fillers, injections, etc. you might be able to achieve some parts of this goal.  But in the real world it is all about hydration and moisture.

At your age or any age, you always want to look and feel you’re very best.

Let me explain.  There are actually three types of moisturizers for your skin or also a combination of all three.

First, there are Gels.  Gels lock in your own moisture.  If you don’t have moisture on your skin there will be no benefit.  Gels were created for younger, oilier skin types.

Second, are Lotions.  A lightweight hydrator for daytime won’t interfere with your make-up or add any shine to the skin.  More for a combination skin type that has some moisture but needs added fluids.

Third, if you live in a desert climate, or are at that age, there are Creams.  Creams provide the maximum hydration for your skin.  Creams also go deeper into your skin layers.

No matter where you live, it is important to moisturize your skin regularly.

Now, always remember that all of these provide limited penetration into your skin layers.  That is why they now have “Serums” that provide maximum effects.  Serums will draw in the moisture deeper into the skin and are used in combination with Lotions and Creams.

My 40 plus years of experience in hair and make-up has taught me that no individual is the same and the importance “to always ask questions” of any salesperson that makes extraordinary claims.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample so you can try it out first.

Sadly, many retailers do not hire real artists but clever sales people that know how to sell the products.  You need to investigate and do your research to find the best moisturizers for you.

Some cosmetics lines know that you will pick up a product and smell it first.  They use scents and fragrances to draw you in.  Just remember that most scents and fragrances have alcohol that provides no benefit.

Some of you use oils on your skin.  Oil only sits on the surface of your skin and does not penetrate the skin layers giving little benefit.

Its summer so don’t forget to use a sun blocker, the higher the SPF protection, the better.

Next month, since many readers have asked about my background, I will tell you a bit about myself.

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