August 1928: Wallace Berry lands his crippled airplane in Littlefield. First plane to land in there.

August 1929: Harlo Dam breaks at the mouth of the virgin river gorge. One of the biggest floods ever seen by Mesquite.

August 2, 1911: S.W, Darling, who has taken the land below here known as Hooperville, has a three hundred-inch sixteen horsepower pump which he has put into the river, throwing a good common irrigating stream on his land. The pump cost nearly $700.

August 2, 1911: Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. D. Leavitt, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James S Abbot.

August 2, 1912: Alma Newel and Thomas Leavitt have gone to Grand Gulch to haul Ore.

August 5, 1962: Sheriff Oscar Abbott arrests James Henry Meador. Meador at the time was wanted by the FBI.

August 6, 1910: Child of J.N. Hunt of Bunkerville foot crushed: J.N. Hunt one of the prominent ranchers of Bunkerville, made the 85-mile trip from his home to Las Vegas, arriving here Monday with a load of produce consisting of honey, chickens and fruit. He was accompanied by his infant son, Fay, five years of age. In coming down a steep hill, 15 miles Las Vegas side of Moapa valley, the brake failed to hold, allowing the wagon to get beyond control and pitching the baby off in front of the heavy load. One of the bare feet was caught by the wheel and severely crushed, the end of three toes being ground off. Owing to the remoteness of the area it was impossible to secure medical attendance until 24 hours later in a return trip to Las Vegas, the little fellow suffered greatly on the trip. After reaching Las Vegas the injury was dressed by the local Doctor.  It is hoped that there is no permanent injury will result from the accident.