WCFA’S featured pet is Tucker.  Tucker is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix.  He is about 6-7 years old, weighs 27 lbs. and is neutered and current on vaccines.  He will have a dental on August 6th and will be micro chipped.  Tucker gets along well with other dogs and with cats.  He is very friendly, enjoys a nice walk each day and rides well in the car.  He really wants to hang around with his humans.

If you are interested in any of our pets, please go to www.wecareforanimals.org  where you can see all of our adoptable pets and you can complete an adoption application. For more information call us at 702-346-3326 (voicemail), call Karen at 435-862-9574 or Linda at 702-376-1642. Next pet adoption is August 10, 2019,  9:00 am – 12:00 pm at 150 North Yucca, Suite 1, Mesquite.   Questions? Email us at wcfanv@gmail.com.  Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/wecareforanimalsmesquitenv.  Please call us to schedule a visit with our pets at a mutually convenient time.

We will have some pet items (such as clothing) for sale at our pet adoption.

Other Available Pets:


 Cats do not enjoy being confined in a cage.  The cats we have for adoption show best in a home environment.  If you see a cat you like, to truly see his or her personality, you should contact us to arrange a time, at your convenience, to meet the cat in his/her foster home.  Some of our sweetest cats can come across as cranky or withdrawn when they are placed in the crate for viewing.  Please give these felines a chance by meeting them “outside the cage”.  Taking one of these felines for a sleep over is another way to get to know them better before adopting.  Ask us about our sleep over policy.

Beamer is a five year old orange tabby.  Beamer is a very friendly guy, loves belly rubs and will come to greet you in his foster home. Beamer would enjoy being the only cat or in a home with another calm cat. He would be good for an individual or nice couple who want a loving companion.   He is neutered and current on his vaccines. If you would love a friendly orange cat, apply to adopt Beamer at wecareforanimals.org.

Ella is looking for her forever after home.  She is a gorgeous 5 year old Maine Coon.  Ella does not like to share attention with other animals so needs to be the only pet in the home.  No small children.  Ella is friendly but will hide at first until she feels comfortable. Patience will be rewarded when she comes out to share her true friendly nature.  She is current on all vaccines and spayed.  Ella would love a home with a nice couple or single individual.

Boots and Ash are looking for forever homes. Their foster family has taken great care of them and they are all very social, happy kittens.  They are altered, current on vaccines and are micro chipped. These kittens are so fun to watch.  They love to play and it would be nice if they could be adopted together or with another young cat in the family.

Silva and her bonded friend, Cal, are looking for their forever home. Silva is 12 years young and a very shy, gentle cat. Cal is 4 years old and also very shy.  Both of these cats have been together for several years. They were owned by a single, elderly woman. Although extremely shy, both cats are non-aggressive and once they feel secure will make great, easy going, quiet companions.  They enjoy being brushed and being petted.


 Peanut is a Chihuahua mix and is 12 years old.  Peanut came to us after living with an elderly lady in a small RV.  Peanut weighed 22 pounds which was way too much for his little body.  His fantastic foster parents have worked with Peanut for about four months.  He is now a healthy weight of 13 pounds.  He takes short walks and does aquatic exercises.  Peanut has a very loving, friendly, easy going personality.  He does take thyroid medication and may need an occasional antihistamine. Peanut is house trained, good with other dogs and friendly with everyone.  He makes you smile.


WCFA offers a wonderful low-cost/free opportunity to spay/neuter your pets to prevent accidental litters and keep your pet happy and healthy. We will always alter feral cats to be released back in their environment.  Our target areas are Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip.  Spay/Neuter Assistance Applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way.  You may also call WCFA at 702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit wecareforanimals.org to contact us by email.  Half of all litters born in the U.S. are accidents that overburden shelters and rescues. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU NEED HELP WITH SPAY/NEUTER.


Here are six ways you can help your pet maintain their body temperature and avoid heat stroke in summer:

  • 1. When the temperature is high, don’t let your dog linger on hot surfaces like asphalt and cement. Being so close to the ground can heat their body quickly and is also an invitation for burns on sensitive paw pads. Keep walks to a minimum.
  • 2. Giving your dog a lightweight summer haircut can help prevent overheating, but never shave to the skin. Dogs need one inch of protection to prevent sunburns.
  • 3. Provide access to fresh water at all times. Make certain an outside dog has access to shade and plenty of cool water.
  • 4. Restrict exercise when temperatures soar, and do not muzzle your dog because it inhibits their ability to pant.
  • 5. Many dogs enjoy a swim, splashing in a wading pool, or a run through a sprinkler in warmer weather. This can help bring body temperatures down.
  • 6. Never leave your pet in a parked car, not even if you park in the shade or plan to be gone for only a few minutes. The temperature inside of a car can reach oven-like temperatures in just minutes, often in excess of 140 degrees. That quick errand can turn into a disaster and could be fatal for your pet.