Tonight (Wednesday) we will have a debate by the Democratic contenders for President. After seeing what has happened to our current President I cannot imagine why anyone would want to take that job. But a gaggle of Democrats seem to want it.

Why would all these people want the job, perhaps to gain power and control of our Nation’s future? I recently received an old newspaper clipping announcing the death of Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals” the book on how radicals can take power in a country. You may have heard of the book as Hillary did her college thesis on it and Obama wrote about it in some of his books and taught a course at the University of Chicago on how to organize communities using Saul Alinsky tactics.  Alinsky’s writing gave a detailed plan of how to take control of a government. It starts by taking control of the health care system so the people become dependent on government and we can see a big push for that. All the Democratic contenders are for it except for Joe Biden but he probably did not read the book as it became popular after his college days.

Taking away guns was also important so that people could not resist. Our founders were smart knowing that a Government cannot take total control if people have a way to fight back. Many will say in a civilized society you do not fight the government but is that true? In today’s world the totalitarian governments do not allow the people to possess guns.  But looking at the mass shootings, one could say that crazies will use anything like knives or cars to kill.

Education is high on Alinsky’s list as you can plainly see by the rise of his believers in those that attend college. Many of which you see on stage. They received lots of the radical indoctrination in their college education. The demonstrations we see at many universities are tolerated and some encouraged by the faculty. Education stretches to how people receive information like T.V. and newspapers. There they have done a good job except for talk radio and Fox news. Fox News is only 20 years old and was start ed to balance the leftward shift of other T.V. stations and has become by far the biggest cable news provider. Some are attracted to it and that is smart because it is the only big provider of the other side of news. If this station can be destroyed there will be only one side of the news provided.

The other big stumbling block is religion, if that can be removed our society will change forever. The Christian values built this country no matter what others say. Sure America has made mistakes but there have been successes like becoming the country where anyone can practice their faith in peace. The values have led us down a path that has allowed anyone to succeed if they are willing to work for it. Yes, they may fail but they can get up and try again. Our constitution and Bible have provided the guiding light for our country to succeed.

There are a few more of Alinsky’s principles like “promote welfare” so that people must support the government to get their free stuff. “Debt” and “Poverty” increase debt, so you can raise taxes, which then creates more poverty and dependence on welfare.

Let us see which of these ideas are proposed by the candidates Wednesday night.