Kindred at Home is honored to join the National Association for Home Care as well as healthcare organizations around the country in celebrating National Home Care & Hospice Month. Each November, this observance honors home health and hospice workers  including nurses, aides, social workers, therapists and administrators  who make a remarkable difference in the daily lives of patients and their families.

“We are so appreciative of the selflessness, compassion and commitment of our caregivers at Kindred at Home-Mesquite, NV, and always excited to recognize their efforts on behalf of others during National Home Care & Hospice Month,” said Brenda Whitney, B.S.N., R.N., and Executive Director. “November is a time to celebrate and applaud the home health professionals who provide care, inspire hope and preserve dignity while working with patients in the comfort of their own homes.”

Whitney pointed out that November also marks the beginning of the holiday period when many patients want to be at home with their loved ones. Home health and hospice providers such as Kindred at Home can provide care in the home setting throughout the holidays every day of the week.

In recent years home health and hospice have become one of the fastest growing segments in post-acute care because of their ability to actually reduce the overall costs of healthcare while bringing services where patients want it in the home. Kindred at Home’s more than 40,000 caregivers based at 600 plus sites of service across the country now care for more than 130,000 patients on a daily basis.

“We make it possible for more of our citizens to recover from surgery or manage chronic illnesses at home among family and friends and avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital or other institutions,” said Whitney.

Home health services typically include assistance through skilled nursing, therapy, social work, nutrition, disease management education or help with daily activities. The services seek to promote health, independence and quality of life. In part due to clinical advancements in home health more Americans are now able to remain mobile, energetic and independent as they grow older in their place of residence.

Hospice services provide expert medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support to patients and family members primarily in their homes or other type of residence. While hospice services continue to increase across the country some common misconceptions still exist that may prevent timely access to this important end-of-life care. The annual celebration of National Home Care & Hospice Month serves to educate Americans about hospice service and dispel myths about it.

Patients and family caregivers who wish to learn more can contact the Kindred Contact Center at 1-866-Kindred or call us directly at 702-346-7565. Physicians and other referral sources who want to learn more about Kindred at Home-Mesquite, NV, should contact Brenda Whitney at 702-346-7565.