Kindergarten students:  Hector H., Wynn D., Grady S., Ryder O., Audrey S., Kayoss E., Tori S., and Jacob P.

1st grade students:  Victor R., Jacqueline G., Sydney G., Emiliano M., Yaretzi M., Andres R., Moroni B., Daniel C., Carly S., Savannah W., and Emma T.

Second grade students:  Shania C., Jett W., Rylee H., susana M., Bryson W., Paula L., Aaliyah T., and not pictured Case J.

Third grade students:  Lance B., Shea S., Kendra W., Arianna R., Madison J., Mayzie T., Brennalyn J., and Emmalee B.

Fourth grade students:  Luis M., Brianna Z., Hector l., Macey S., Jayzin B., and Alycia Z.

Fifth grade students:  Jaycob R., Athamaree M., Nicole A., Chase A., Brianna C., Kaylyn N., and Michelle A.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade