September 27, 1909, Littlefield: We had a pleasant rain on the 27th which did much good on the ranges.

Molasses making is in progress with a good yield.

Miss Maggie Iverson has returned for Mesquite, where she was picking grapes on the big seedless farm.

September 28, 1910,  Bunkerville: Mr. and Mrs. Clark McKnight gave a wedding dance Monday night, all seeming to enjoy themselves. Mr. and Mrs. McKnight have gone to his home in Beaver Dam, Littlefield, Az.

September 28, 1916:  Mr. Fisher read a poem composed by Mrs. LeRoy Hafen of Bunkerville and read by her to the party at Bunkerville on the Arrowhead Trail which was loudly applauded.

September 30, 1916, Bunkerville: The Arrowhead Trail party passed through our town Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Kelly and aides were served a lunch to them at the ward house (church) after which they talked on good auto roads.

October 1, 1915:  Misses Christine and Maud Reber returned tonight (to Littlefield) from Mesquite where they have been on a week’s visit.

October 2, 1915,  Las Vegas Age: Public Affairs are Discussed…Bishop Abbott of Mesquite, spoke strongly in favor of taking steps to bring in colonists as rapidly as land and water were available for their use. He also reported that Mojave County, Arizona , is assisting the farmers residing on the north side of the Virgin between Littlefield and Mesquite, to build a road, and expressed hope that this might be made part of the Los Angeles – Salt Lake highway.